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  • Cherry-Like

What makes your romantic moments more intimate? The simple answer to this question is Cherry-like fruit arrangements. Love & romance have a deep connection with the red color. So, anything whether flowers or fruit of red color symbolize romance and love. Furthermore, it is a scientifically proven fact that cherries create instant blood that is required for performance.  Therefore, we are presenting you Belgian chocolate-covered cherries. So, that you may present or send them on special occasions of your loved ones. We will deliver on the same day through Toronto fruit delivery and fruit delivery Newmarket. These cherries are widely used in edible arrangements Ontario by fruit experts. Do you want a discount? Here is the edible arrangements Canada coupon code “GTA-U” for availing a 10% discount.

The quality of cherry-like fruit arrangements:

  • Gofruisty is the name of quality and premium fruit arrangements. Therefore you need not worry about quality.
  • We have used the Belgian chocolate which is one of the most premium chocolates in the world.
  • The cherries are ripe and fresh.
  • The chocolate-covered cherries will melt in your mouth to produce a sweet texture that will be really delicious.
  • The cherry is a seasonal fruit therefore it will not be available the whole year.

It is advisable to send the following items along with these chocolate-covered cherries to make it a special gift.

  • Full-size greetings card with your special message on it.
  • One fragrant floral bouquet.
  • A box of chocolate.
  • A teddy bear or any stuffed animal.

On what occasions you can present or send cherry-like fruit arrangements?

            The cherry and chocolates are the symbol of love, romance and sweetness. So you can present them to your loved ones to make these sweet moments as sweet as honey. These occasions include the following.

  • Birthdays of your girlfriend or wife.
  • Wedding anniversaries.
  • Valentine’s Day.
  • The international kissing day.
  • The propose day.
  • On any day of Valentine’s week.


We are offering a 10% discount through edible arrangements Canada coupon code GTA-U. So hurry up and buy today. We deliver on the same day through Toronto fruit delivery and fruit delivery Richmond Hill.  Here are some more fruit arrangements.

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